Stream Your Idea (SYI)
Incubation Programme

The SYI Incubation Program is designed carefully for selected promising idea holders and early-stage ventures to provide them with a practical step-by-step guide on how to start their business through a combination of workshops, mentoring and expert sessions for a number of idea holders and early-stage ventures. This Programme will include sessions on Market Research, Financial Management, Marketing & Branding, Pitch Training, Business model canvas, Legal Consulting and much more. By the end of the SYI Programme, entrepreneurs will have a better understanding of their idea and its feasibility and have the chance to develop it into a business and launch their product/service into the market.

The selected Streamers will have access to multiple services including:
  • A shared workspace, to work, think and exchange ideas
  • Mentoring and training sessions with senior entrepreneurs and experts
  • Access to exclusive networking events to meet with experienced entrepreneurs, future clients, and partners
  • Access to Fab Lab facilities
  • Access to meeting Rooms and Auditorium
  • Consulting services with experienced experts
  • Fast Wi-Fi and printing facilities

Why sign-up for SYI?

If you have an idea and are aiming to launch it into market, the SYI Programme will provide you, for free, with a customized experience that will help you develop your idea, turn it into a business and overcome the common obstacles to success. Our programme is led by an outstanding Libyan Team who was trained by the leading global community centre Impact Hub to deliver international best practices and support. We at Stream value inclusivity, creativity and innovation and aim to support the Libyan Economy and to enhance its Business Environment through supporting entrepreneurship and enabling job creation.

Who Can Apply for SYI?

  • Between the age of 18-35
  • Working as an individual or as part of a team*

  • Have an idea that has the potential to be transformed into a sustainable business

*The SYI programme can only host one member of a team

  • Committed to attend the mandatory workshops and events
  • Willing to work in a shared and collaborative working space

Time Schedule and Location

Call for Applications
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How Can I Apply?

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