Stream Your Business (SYB)
Acceleration Programme

The SYB Accelerator programme is designed carefully to steer 10 start-ups in the right direction and help them grow and scale their businesses and connect to a great community of entrepreneurs and experts. It is a process of intense and immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle of young motivated start-ups.

This Programme will provide the selected start-ups with access to finance opportunities and training sessions on digital marketing, UX Design, business development, Finance and much more!

By the end of the SYB Programme, Start-ups will grow and expand into the market, develop their marketing strategies and have the capabilities to achieve their goals and increase revenue.

The selected Streamers will have access to multiple services including:

  • A workspace, to think, share and exchange ideas
  • Mentoring and training sessions with senior entrepreneurs and experts
  • Access to exclusive networking events to meet with future clients, partners and providers
  • Financial support

  • Access to Fab Lab facilities
  • Access to meeting Rooms and auditorium
  • Consulting services such as legal registration
  • Wi-Fi and printing facilities

Why sign-up for SYB?

Because Start-ups need various support in order to scale and grow, the SYB Accelerator Programme will have the selected start-ups participate in an intensive programme to help them develop their business over a short period of time and expand into market. 

The SYB Programme is led by an outstanding Libyan team who were trained by the leading global community centre Impact Hub to support creativity, innovation and job creation.


Who Can Apply for SYB?

You can apply for SYB Programme if you:

  • The start-up works in the fields of Tech or Media

  • Have a Product/Service that’s tested in the market.
  • Have a team of a minimum of two members.

  • Are committed to attend the mandatory workshops/ sessions.


  • The start-up idea is innovative.
  • Developed ventures (generating revenue).
  • Fully committed to his/ her start-up.
  • Have a positive impact on the society or environment.

Time Schedule and Location

Call for applications
Deadline for receiving applications
Start of the programme
End of the programme




7 Weeks

How Can I Apply?

SYB Application Form

SYB6 Application EN
Full Name
Gender *
Are you studying? *
Are you working in a place other than your start-up? *
What’s your Start-up's stage of development (check one): *
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(How are you different from other start-ups in the market?) 250 Characters
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(How do you make money?) 250 Characters
(Who are you selling to?) 250 Characters
200 Characters
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(ex.Partners, Investors)
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(x. Product/ service-related goals, customers related goals, etc…) 300 Characters
I work : *
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Please tell us more about your team members:

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Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
(ex. pitch deck, Business model, business plan, Achievements, etc…)

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