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STREAM is an integrated incubator, an accelerator and a fab lab under one roof, it’s a project funded by the UK Embassy and implemented by Expertise France in sponsorship with Libyana mobile company and in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning.

Stream is the place to be creative and innovative, it provides all the services and facilities that entrepreneurs need to start and accelerate the growth of their businesses and prototype their products, from capacity building programs to workshops and networking events, Stream is an innovative hub that brings the international expertise combined with uniquely designed mentoring programs to young promising Libyan entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

At Stream, we believe in entrepreneurs and their power to build a better future for our society, our mission is to equip them and provide them with an infrastructure to learn, work, network and grow, so they can transform their ideas and projects into successful and sustainable businesses.

Our Goal

is to empower Libyan ecosystem of start-ups and pave their way to create a solid foundation on which sustainable businesses and thriving careers can be built.

Our Purpose

Building Libya’s Entrepreneur’s community of tomorrow with determination, creativity and being collaborative and inclusive.

UK Stability and Security Fund

Over the past decade, the UK government has significantly increased its aid to fragile and conflict-affected countries and regions. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) is one of its main instruments for tackling conflict and instability. The aid programmes delivered through CSSF aim to build peace, stability and security. The CSSF was established in April 2015, as the latest in a series of cross-government conflict prevention funds that stretch back to 2001.

Expertise France

Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. It aims at contributing to sustainable development based on solidarity and inclusiveness, mainly through enhancing the quality of public policies within the partner countries.


Libyana is a Libyan mobile phone company established in 2004. It is one of the two major mobile phone operators in Libya owned by the Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company (LPTIC). With its strategy of providing best services, Libyana aims at leading the digital market in Libya to develop the national economy and support the country to transform into smart systems.

Tameem Alddeeb

Incubator Manager

He is a Fulbright alumni, holds a master’s degree in Information Systems, and has more than 14 years of experience in different tech industries, he worked as an expert engineer for several years in Almadar Aljadid. Tameem is a serial entrepreneur, he founded four start-ups) two very successful), and one of them is widely used for providing SMS services for banks, television channels and airlines customers. Tameem believes he is the best chef in Libya! So, Join Stream and you might get a chance to try his magical Paella! His goals are to produce world-class start-ups and build the FIRST robotic service in Libya inside Stream’s Fablab.

Victoria Dussardier

Project Manager

Born and raised in Lyon, where she studied International relations, Victoria has worked 4 years in Paris for Expertise France before becoming the Project manager for the STREAM project. She loves melted chocolate and cheese (but not together) and her secret goal is to build a foosball in STREAM’s Fablab!

Sarah Belamin

Communication Officer

A Computer engineering graduate with experience in the field of networking, communications, and graphics design.
in addition to her work at Stream, she’s an entrepreneur running her own business with her sister called Orchid Designs, it is now one of the most prestigious bridal boutiques in Libya.
Not only a workaholic, but she’s also obsessed with cats, books and cheesy pasta #NoJudgment #ParmigianoFreak

Winsa Elhaderi

Partnership Officer

An entrepreneurship enthusiast with a computer engineering background, passionate about making a positive impact through entrepreneurship, she was the first Libyan to work as a campus director and community builder for the Hult Prize foundation.

Other than entrepreneurship an d technology, shehas a serious obsession with Space, ancient mythology, and Harry Potter! #NoJudgement #ProudSlytherin

Hassan Zintani

FabLab Manager

Hassan is an applied mechanics engineer, who incorporated the 3D printing technology and robotics for his graduation project, which gave him more experience in the area of machinery and robotics design and manufacturing.

Along with his twin brother, he owns a start-up called PRINT IT, and they aspire to make it one of the lead engineering corporations in the design and manufactory field.

Hassan is a scout’s leader who loves travel, adventure, and sailing. He dreams of sailing around the globe!

He also loves watching Anime, and his favourite food is fish couscous!!

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