Holding a Job fair for the Raqam-e digital camp

February 19-20, the final program of the ٌRaqam-e digital camp to training and employing youth people who graduated in the field of programming from different Libyan cities.

On the first day, holding a training workshop was given by Eng. Tamim Al Ddeeb, General Manager of the Stream Business Incubation, on how to set a CV that made their chances of getting a job.

On the second day, the job fair event has invited a group of companies, including the Libyan Spider Company, Dokan Company, Meeza Company, Servo Application Company, I study, and Presto eat Company, to conduct job interviews with the trainees, providing a big opportunity For the trainees to work with them.


A Raqam-e project implemented by Expertise France and funded by France embassy.

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