Successful End of the First Phase of Stream Business Incubator Programmes

Two years full of achievements and successes have ended for the first phase of Stream Business Incubator project.
In this phase, Stream demonstrated the importance of having business incubators, accelerators and an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs to achieve economic diversification and to achieve the goals of ambitious Libyan youth.
Let us share with you some of Stream success’s achievements over the past two years:

Since the launch of Stream business incubator and accelerator as a project funded by The UK government and implemented by Expertise France and sponsored by

Libyana Mobile Company, 7 programmes have been delivered, 3 of them are business incubation programmes to support ideas and 4 of them are acceleration programmes to support startups.
1750 applications were received through these programs, 101 streamers were trained and received 65 workshops with the help of local and international experts in several areas related to the development of their projects.
21 ideas have been transformed into profitable projects from streamers of the incubation programmes, they are now present in the market and they make profits. Also, 7 others are preparing to launch their projects soon.
76% of startups have increased their profits after participating in Stream programmes, and these startups have also provided 126 job opportunities for other people.
Stream in the next stage will be fully supported by Libyana mobile phone company. We are looking forward to new successes and to support more entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

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