HOMMER Challenge Awards Ceremony

Tripoli, 15th October 2020 – HOMMER Challenge Awards Ceremony, which was launched on the world youth skills day, was held in cooperation between Mersin Inc, the exclusive agent of HOMMER, and Stream business incubator to support youth skills in entrepreneurship.

More than 400 applicants applied for this challenge, and after all the participating projects were scrutinized, ten projects qualified for the final stage.

The first-place winner received a prize of 15,000 dinars for a project that is concerned with recycling used furniture and turning it into new usable and suitable furniture for low-income people.

The second-place winner also received a prize of 10,000 dinars for a medical project related to mental and psychological health through an application that provides medical consultations and cognitive behavioral therapy by specialized doctors and psychologists.

The third-place winner received a prize of 5,000 dinars for a platform for freelancers, the platform provides remote work opportunities for skill-holders and helps business owners to find a suitable business provider for them to finish their required tasks fast without having to recruit new employees.

We look forward to the success of pioneering projects that provide impactful services, and we hope for the continuation of such initiatives from companies that would enhance entrepreneurship and its role in providing a better future for the community.

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