Services provided to the third acceleration programme start-ups

During the third Acceleration Programme, the participating startups received – in addition to workshops and support provided by mentors – many additional services such as sessions with financial experts, legal experts, marketing and content creation experts to help them prepare a marketing plan and create a content that helps them expand and grow, they also received websites for their companies, visual identities or logos, a catalogue and a group of Facebook ads to grow their presence in social media.

Big thank you goes to all the experts and mentors for their efforts in supporting those startups, they were a major factor in the success of this programme and we are always proud that they are part of our community.
A special thanks to the streamers of MAWJA and Freeway Productions for the beautiful designs.

Here are the websites that were designed for them:

Stream programmes are funded by UK in Libya, implemented by Expertise France and sponsored by Libyana.

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