Call for Application is Now Open for the New Acceleration Programme

Registration for the Stream’s new acceleration programme was opened on the 8th of February, 2020 and it will continue until February 22, 2020.
When the call for application is closed, the judging committee will select the best startups that applied and conduct interviews with them to ensure their seriousness and the feasibility of their projects, so that the final 7 startups that will participate in the programme are chosen.
The acceleration programme will last for three months and will include a set of intensive workshops and sessions with mentors and consultants to support these startups and give them the opportunity to expand and increase their profits.
Stream had previously succeeded in accelerating 5 startups during the summer camp programme in the past year and 7 startups in its first programme held in Tripoli after the official opening.
Among the companies that were accelerated was Bon Bon Glass for chocolate making, Somaya (the owner of the company) stated: “We were one of the lucky startups to join the Stream Family and the acceleration programme in particular, the most important thing about the programme is that the experts, mentors and programme managers have a long experience in entrepreneurship and this saves time for the startups and helps them avoid making mistakes. The programme focuses on developing sales, marketing and communication skills and enables startups to obtain Funding. We’re really happy that Stream will continue supporting us even after the end of the programme”.

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