STREAM incubator launched on 19th November 2019 in Tripoli

Tripoli, November 19th, 2019 – STREAM incubator, accelerator and Fab Lab, which is financed by UK Government and implemented by Expertise France and sponsored by Libyana, was officially launched on 19th of November 2019 in Tripoli with the presence of entrepreneurs, officials, and partners.

37 entrepreneurs participated in the official opening of the programme, and they will attend important training to support their development. 30 will be ‘incubated’ for 5 months with STREAM providing them services such as business model workshops and pitching skills, and 7 will be ‘accelerated’ by having access to mentorship, investors and other support that helps them grow and scale up. The cohort is composed of 40% of women. They will benefit from a wide range of training and support programs to enable them to start and grow their businesses.

The incubator is located at the heart of Tripoli business district. It is housed within a 1000sqm building, fully renovated, equipped and decorated with participation of Libyan artists for an overall youthful and innovative vibe.

STREAM incubator is developed within a €2 million project, which aims to encourage the development of innovative entrepreneurs in Libya. In partnership with Libyana Mobile Company, it seeks to raise the capacities of start-ups through coaching, mentoring, networking, and meeting with investors. It also seeks to create and manage a living community of entrepreneurs, thus paving the way for a dynamic private sector in Libya.

“As we intend to provide good services and major support to all innovators and entrepreneurs to transform their unique ideas into widely successful businesses; we are extremely proud today to present STREAM as the right place for creativity and innovation. We utterly seek to help all innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate their ambitions and provide them with the utmost assistance in order to lift up their spirits and encourage them to gain the adequate self-confidence. We certainly hope that taking these necessary steps will give everyone the opportunity to expand their business to a larger one, and for that matter, we ultimately long for their highly important participation in prospering the Libyan economy and moving it forward to a better tomorrow” – Tameem Addeeb, Head of STREAM.

“The UK is proud to support the launch of STREAM, designed to build and develop flourishing networks of Libyan entrepreneurs. We will continue to encourage private sector development across Libya to create opportunities and pathways out of conflict for all Libyans.” – Fleur Willson, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to Libya.

‘’Expertise France is proud to implement in collaboration with Libyana Mobile Company, the first incubator, accelerator and fablab in Libya – thanks to the funding of the UK Government. We are very excited and hope that such projects are an important milestone in the development of the private sector in Libya’’ – Alexandre Chatillon-Mounier, Programme Director at Expertise France.

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