STREAM incubator’s first summer Camp opening in Tunis

 Stream business incubator first summer camp opening ceremony took place in Tunisia on June 14, 2019.
The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Ambassador of UK, H.E. Fleur Willson; the General Director of Expertise France, Mr Jeremie Pellet; and STREAM manager and serial entrepreneur, Mr Tameem Addeeb and the commercial manager of Libyana, also among the guests were the minister of Education,the President of the University of Tripoli and representatives from different ministries and the Central Bank of Libya, the opening ceremony, brought together 20 Libyan participants from various Libyan cities to attend the incubation and acceleration programmes which will be held for 6 weeks.

STREAM is a €2 million project funded by UK, which is looking to set up an integrated incubator, accelerator and fab lab in Tripoli to encourage the development of innovative entrepreneurs in Libya. In partnership with Libyana, a major mobile company in Libya, it seeks to raise the capacities of startups through coaching, mentoring, networking, and meeting with investors. It also seeks to create and manage a living community of entrepreneurs, thus paving the way for a dynamic private sector in Libya.

15 incubatees and 5 accelerated participants, aged between 19 and 37, half of them women, will attend this Summer Camp in Tunis. They will receive training from a high-level team of international and Libyan experts through coaching and mentoring sessions and workshops, on a wide range of business-oriented topics: finance, business model development, marketing and branding, value proposition, and pitching.

The UK Government is proud to continue stimulating private sector development in Libya by supporting entrepreneurs to access finance, training and tools needed to start businesses.   Expertise France have been remarkably successful in collaborating with public and private players in Libya to strengthen private sector since 2014.

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